Pine Ridge Proposed Development

The Pine Ridge Proposed Development SEPA document and Permit Application were submitted to the Chelan County Community Development Planning Department in 2020. Below are the project File numbers and project description.

FILE NUMBER: PD 2020-001 and P 2020-004

PROPOSAL: A Planned Development (PD) pursuant to Chelan County Code (CCC) Section 11.22.050 consisting of a 134-lot residential development that would be located on approximately 42.1 acres. This development would include private roads, pedestrian paths and open space tracts. Lots would be subdivided for detached single-family residences, accessory dwelling units, duplexes, and zero-lot line townhouses. Upon approval of the PD, the applicant shall submit a subdivision application as required in Title 12, Land Divisions. The subject properties are located in the R-1 zoning district within the Peshastin Urban Growth Area (UGA). Potable water would be supplied by the Peshastin Water District and sanitation would be operated by the Chelan PUD. Access is proposed from Larson Road and access to the lots would be provided by a new internal private roadway system.

The project will include a mix of single-family houses, duplexes and townhouses for moderate- to middle-income homeowners for a total of 200 homes.

Since that time the Peshastin Community Council and Peshastin residents have held community meetings and worked together to engage with Chelan County Community Development to provide comments and concerns regarding the Proposed Development.

The concerns are many and are captured here by category.

  • Inconsistencies in Application
  • Infrastructure and Capacity: Water/Sewer/Fiber/Fire and Police
  • Storm water run-off
  • Zoning: ADU’s/STR’s
  • Traffic: A revised traffic study is needed to assess impacts of the project on :
    • Highway 2 Festival traffic
    • Packing shed and harvest traffic
    • PD Elementary traffic   
    • Derby Canyon recreational use
    • Implications of increased use of substandard infrastructure including the bridge, the road accessing the property and the railroad overpass
  • Agriculture: Setbacks/Packing shed and harvest traffic/Trespassing
  • Culture Change

An appeal was filed and went before the Hearing Examiner in July of 2022. The Hearing Examiner approved the SEPA document and Permit, as is, in August 2022.

The complete case file, including findings, conclusions and conditions of approval (if any) is available for inspection during the open office hours at Chelan County Department of Community Development. Their address is 316 Washington Street, Suite 301, Wenatchee, WA, 98801. Their telephone number is (509) 667-6225.

Unfortunately, this is another example of inadequate SEPA documents being prepared by County planning staff and the developer, and community concerns being ignored by the County and the Hearing Examiner.