Update on Housing

The price and availability of housing is having a seriously negative effect on residents in our communities, especially for residents who are earning low and middle incomes. Lack of housing also affects local businesses, especially in Leavenworth and the Manson/Chelan areas. Employers in these areas are unable to attract and…

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Leavenworth and Affordable Housing—A flawed approach?

Like many communities in Chelan County, Leavenworth has been faced with a shortage of affordable housing and with local home seekers competing heavily with short term rentals and a strong second homeowner market. In order to tackle the issues, the City of Leavenworth took action--establishing a Housing Task force in…

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Affordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing in Chelan County is one of our biggest concerns. Not so many years ago it may have been possible to find affordable housing down valley, up a canyon, or somewhere else, but this is no longer true. People from across our area are testifying to this…


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