Our Work

Why do you choose to live in Chelan County?

Most residents cite the high quality of life, a beautiful natural environment, a slower pace of life, safe communities, and the friendliness of neighbors. The Residents Coalition of Chelan County (RC3) exists to preserve these characteristics which make our area such a great place to live and work.

Growth in population and increased number of tourists are inevitable. But decline in our quality of life is not. How the future unfolds depends to a large extent on the involvement of residents in decisions being made by your local governments, whether it is one of the cities or our county government.

The mission of RC3 is to give residents a strong and powerful voice in the decisions guiding our future. We do this through informing you of current issues and helping you to get involved in influencing the decisions being made.

We hope you will join with us by becoming a member and finding ways to get involved.

Our Work

  • Development and Regulations: 
    We engage with local agencies to influence decisions regarding development projects and land use regulations to ensure that the concerns of residents are considered.

  • Short Term Rentals (STRs): 
    We advocate for strong and effective regulation of short-term rentals.

  • Environment and Natural Resources: 
    We work to achieve strong environmental policies and the protection of our natural resources and ecosystems.

  • Affordable Housing: 
    We work to increase the availability of affordable housing for the residents of our communities.
  • Protection of Commercial Agriculture: 
    We advocate for the protection of agricultural lands.

  • Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness:  
    We work with local, state and federal agencies to increase the level of community readiness in an effort to minimize the impact of fast-moving wildfires on homes and property.

  • Sustainable Tourism: 
    We work to ensure that tourism does not exceed the capacity of existing infrastructure and preserves local ecosystems.