Chelan County is facing unprecedented growth that threatens to change our rural character and the qualities that residents value most—safe and friendly neighborhoods, our natural environment, a slower pace of life, and our small communities.

What We Do:

The Residents Coalition of Chelan County was formed to give residents a strong and powerful voice in the issues and projects that are shaping the future of the place we call home.

We inform residents about issues, projects, and plans so you can influence decisions affecting your future. We are active in local decision-making processes to ensure that the residents' perspective is heard.

We support regulation of the short-term rental industry so that neighborhoods and residents’ access to housing is protected.

We support sensible growth that preserves our rural character and unique natural resources.

We partner with other nonprofit organizations to increase the supply of affordable housing for residents.

We support diverse economic development, sustainable tourism, and preservation of commercial agriculture.

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We are asking those who love our area to consider making an investment in the future of the community.